Start Recovery Before Surgery

Preparing for surgery allows you to focus on healing.

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Surgery is traumatic. There can be uncertainty and fear. But what if during this time when so much is happening, you could take control and help yourself get back to better?  

Ready Set Recover is an action-oriented online program that helps surgical patients take positive steps throughout the surgical and recovery process. 

"I didn’t think that I needed any help, but it surprised me how much I did."

- Ready Set Recover Participant

Our online program gives patients the information, preparation and inspiration to start their recovery process in the best way. Ready Set Recover teaches how to:

  • Handle stress
  • Create healthy daily routines
  • Improve sleep habits
  • Develop a positive outlook
  • Ask for and receive help
  • And get back to better

Whether buying the Wellness Program for yourself or someone you care about, you will be giving a gift. No matter when surgery is scheduled, Ready Set Recover can help. We guarantee it.