Danielle B.

"When I first got the gift of Ready Set Recover from my friend, I thought, how nice, but I don't really need this. Once the program started though, I couldn't believe how much I DID need it. The Wellness Program was a surgery supporter in a way I didn’t expect, grounding me and giving me constant emotional support.
I'm so glad I was given this gift and would recommend it for everyone!"



Susie M.

"Thanks to Ready Set Recover for putting "Recovery" at the center of my attention post-surgery. It was instrumental in my well-being."
- Susie


Dee B.

"The calm I felt yesterday waiting to have surgery was not at all like when I had another surgery years ago. The series of thoughts and exercises truly prepared me to face something I knew would be painful. 
Thank you for a life changing experience."
- Dee

Katie S.

"I had all the medical facts from the doctor on the surgery, but having Ready Set Recover there to help with everything else on what to expect emotionally, physically and mentally was incredibly beneficial. I have a wonderful support system in my friends and family, but they have their own lives, so it was encouraging to know I could count on hearing from Ready Set Recover every day on my road to recovery. ”
- Katie

Elitza D.

"The Ready Set Recover program helped me prepare for surgery with practices that made me feel calm and relaxed, especially when I was at the hospital. Patients who go into surgery with a positive mindset help help the surgeon and their team do the best job possible. I would recommend the Ready Set Recover program to anyone who has surgery."
- Elitza

Brian M.

"Ready Set Recover was extremely helpful in preparing for my surgery to remove malignancies on my back. The program helped me lessen my anxiety through the surgery and recovery process and take responsibility for my own healing. I realized I needed to take care of myself by sleeping and eating well before and after surgery. I'm new to meditation, but now recognize the powerful nature of my thoughts and how I can get stuck. Creating affirmations helped me focus on the healing capacity of my body.  
Ready Set Recover is a great program to help anyone get ready for and recover from surgery."
- Brian

Barbara W.

"Through the Ready Set Recover I was able to approach the surgery process with a sense of calm. It gave me structure and a positive framework to articulate "my surgery story", which was very helpful. The program assisted me in realizing what I'd need help with after surgery, and then being comfortable actually asking for that help. Learning the healthy daily behaviors and habits was great, as I can use all this good stuff I learned in the program to help me after surgery and beyond.
I found the Ready Set Recover program to be liberating!"
- Barbara

Evelyn P.

"The Ready Set Recover program was like having a partner alongside me during surgery and the days afterwards. It helped me assess my overall expectations and how I was framing the whole situation.
It was very helpful overall, and I would absolutely recommend the program to those who have a scheduled surgery."
- Evelyn