You learn that you need to have surgery. Uncertainty and fear may arise, and you may feel as though the situation is completely out of your control. Experiencing these thoughts and feelings is common. By beginning to take simple steps at this crucial time, the entire surgery experience will be smoother, simpler and less overwhelming.

Whatever type of surgery your doctor has recommended, during the days and weeks leading up to your surgery, you can take care of yourself and establish healthier lifestyle habits. 

3 Tips to Prepare for Surgery

  1. Put a positive spin on how you talk about your surgery. How you think about surgery will affect your recovery, so consider the story you are telling yourself. Putting a positive spin on your surgery story will change the biochemistry of your body.

  2. Relax. But how, you ask? It could be a formal meditation practice, but doesn’t have to be. Simply watch your breathing as it moves in and out of your body with your hands resting on your lower belly. Inhale the word “healing” and exhale the word “acceptance” as you breathe in and out through your nose.

  3. Add more whole foods to your meals. By adding healthier foods, there will be less room for you to eat heavier, highly processed foods which inhibit your body’s ability to heal. If you’ve found this step difficult in the past, you’re in a unique situation. Knowing your surgery is coming up gives you the perfect opportunity to make a change and that it will ease your recovery when your body is functioning more optimally.