Marjorie Nass, Chief Wellness Officer

Marjorie Nass co-founded Ready Set Recover to help people at a crucial time in their lives, when they're preparing for and recovering from surgery.

She spent the past 15 years helping individuals live better in their bodies as a wellness professional, through practices including yoga, meditation, nutrition and Ayurveda. She’s a sought after contributor to online platforms including The Liberty Project, Elephant Journal, YogaSmoga’s Rangoli and others.

Heather Campbell, Chief Executive officer

Heather Campbell believes we all can achieve greatness in our own health. Sometimes, you just need a little help. At Ready Set Recover, she uses her business strategy, development and marketing skills to provide that help as people prepare for and recover from surgery.

It has always been setting up others to succeed that gave Heather her greatest sense of accomplishment. Now, at Ready Set Recover, setting people up to succeed is at the core of every aspect of what she and the company does every day.